About us

Welcome to our about us page.

In here you will get to know us a lot more, find out more about our business model and who we are.

To start off we want to make a formal introduction.

My name is Erik and I am the editor of Zaslots.com.

You can email med on [email protected].

If you would like to contact our publisher company these are our company details:

Zamedia N.V.

Website: Zamedia.org

Publisher name: Erik King.

Company registration number: 132496

Emancipatie Boulevard 32, Willemstad.

Netherlands Antilles P.O. Box 7, CURACAO

Tel: (599-9)-744 7051

What we do

What we strive to do here at Zaslots is to promote and deliver the best casino operators that allow South African players on their sites.

This is due to the fact that online casinos have become very developed in Europe, but this development has been slow in South Africa.

We wanted to take the best European casinos and provide these to the South African people and as we are still in business we have succeeded to do so.

How it all started

It is not always easy to start a brand-new business.

For us it was different.

Zaslots was created by casino enthusiasts that were already spending a lot, and we mean A LOT of time comparing casinos.

Finding casinos that offers no deposit free spins in South Africa is not an easy task.

However, after a few years, we got a hand in how casinos think, and we knew where to find out about the latest releases and so on.