Responsible Gambling in South Africa

Playing at online casinos in South Africa is, without a doubt, fun but still risky. You’re playing with real money, which in turn has an impact on real life. Even if you’re taking punts on rugby or playing pokies from time to time, it must be in a safe space. This means having the right resources and applying the right steps.

Best Resources for Combatting Gambling Addiction

There are many useful hotline numbers and websites you can use to reach out for help. We’ll list some of the most notable ones, along with links to their respective websites.

How to Know You Have a Gambling Problem

Like all addictions, it’s hard to tell when problem gambling actually starts. Contrary to popular belief, most people suffering from this don’t display signs obvious to those around them. However, one can determine the level of severity by looking for the following signs in their own behaviour. If you:

  • Have gambling-related debts
  • Continue playing despite closing accounts before
  • Get affected by wins and losses on an emotional level
  • Deposit savings meant for other purposes
  • See your job, school, family life, relationships and obligations trending downwards
  • Borrow money to fund your wager
  • Lie about how much you play or spend
  • Feel anxious and irritable when not playing

Then, it’s very likely that you’re either in the risk zone or you’ve already slipped into gambling addiction. For all assessments, always talk to an expert on one of the helplines we’ve provided above. These people are trained professionals and are licensed to deal with this issue. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

What Are the Best Responsible Gambling Practices for ZA Players?

Prevention is by far the best method of battling problem gambling. If you want to stay in control and curb any risky behaviours, apply these tips.

  • Don’t go over your budget. When you set an amount of money to spend, don’t exceed it no matter what. Even if you’ve won more than you expected, when you’ve wagered what you planned, just stop.
  • Use self-exclusion tools. Everyone has a bad stretch, and chasing losses can be tempting. Instead of jumping in, take a break by excluding yourself for some time.
  • Be honest with those around you. Online gambling is supposed to be fun as long as it’s in moderation. Keep yourself in check by honestly telling your family and friends how much you spend.
  • Set time limits. Many bookmakers and online casinos allow you to put a cap on how much time you can spend in-game betting. In addition, some of them send alerts every 15-30 minutes.