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For the best part of the past years, the roulette game has gone through a process of evolution from classic to online casino roulette. The game had a humble beginning and throughout the 350 years since it was established, it is now one of the most popular casino games that are enjoyed by most gamblers in the world. Its subsequent online version has been in the industry for the previous 20 years after the popularity of the internet.

Online roulette is described as a game of gambling that is full of excitement and guarantees players with great returns when they put their roulette strategy well and follow the rules too. It is quite rare to find any online casino that doesn’t include roulette on their list of virtual games. The game has also advanced into a form of live roulette that includes a live dealer and a set of attractive tables in a board room where players have the feeling of a real live casino as they speak to a real dealer live and also have conversations with other gamblers on the site. This is what is also experienced in South Africa. There just a few laws in South Africa that bring regulations on the way South Africans bet. However, there is rapid growth in the number of offshore licensed online casinos in the country.

Variations of Online Roulette

Roulette games nowadays come in different types but the most common ones are the American roulette, European roulette, and the French roulette. Others include the mini roulette and the multi-player roulette.

American online roulette

American roulette is the oldest version in the industry and is the basis of the modern roulette in the online casino industry. This type of roulette features a total of 38 fields in general which include numbers from 0 to 36 and an addition of 00 field which is determined to increase the house edge to around 5.2%. It is, therefore, the highest roulette in terms of the house edge.

European online roulette

This is a type of roulette that enjoys the biggest popularity both in real-life and fiction and features a total of 36 fields and a single zero which is determined to reducing the house edge to around 2.7%. It also has another version known as the European Gold which unlike European roulette, features the neighbor and call bets.

Mini roulette

The mini roulette is a category that the wheels look smaller with a reduction of fields to just 12 and the single zero just like other online roulette. To make it unique from others, it has a special rule that is in the French roulette whereby the player is offered half of the total amount of money staked when he/she loses the game.

Multi-player roulette

In multi-player roulette, there is a total of up to five gamblers who are allowed to wage together at the same time on European Roulette. During the game, the players can get an opportunity to study the pattern of other online roulette players as well as talk with them between bets.

So how do you Play Online Roulette?

Here are certain things that a player has to take into account in terms of how to play roulette. This isn’t just a game of chance but it involves strategy and rules to be on the winning side. The bets in this game are usually in single numbers, in fields that include odd, even, red, and black and so on. The bets can also be represented in set of numbers.

For a beginner in roulette, strategy is all that matters because based on the previous experience, players have the chance to adjust bet sizes as well as choices so as to be lucky. As a beginner, you need to stake most of the bets on fields that are outside so that the bet odds which are inside goes higher. This can be achieved when you select set of numbers as opposed to just a single number. At the end, the game becomes entertaining and there are higher chances of winning.

Mobile Experience in Online Roulette

Roulette table casino has experienced a great transformation in the gambling industry with the introduction of online mobile version for lovers who love roulette games on the go. The games can now be played on most of compatible mobile devices like the Android, iPhone and Tablet. However, there is also a big task in finding the best online roulette site with the best games. But there is the same gaming experience as that of the PC version.

What to look in the Best Online Roulette

There are several things a player has to consider for roulette tips and the best online roulette. To begin with, there is need for safety and fairness in the game. The roulette online game should employ the Random Number Generator (RNG) which at all times should be regulated and audited through an independent and reputable third party body.

Next, the casino site that provides the roulette game should offer the best and useful bonuses and promos with reasonable wagering requirements. No Deposit Bonuses and promotions are strategies online casino providers use to compete themselves at the merit of the player. However, there some bonuses which have proved to be scams. It is important therefore to find the best online roulette with the best and reasonable bonuses that can increase your bankroll no cost.

The games offered on the desktop version should also be accessed fully on the mobile device so as to make it convenient for players to access the games on the go. They should be compatible with devices like the iPhone, Android and Tablet. Other factors include licensing and the best software providers.

Odds and Payouts

The ball and wheel in the game of roulette are all virtual which are accompanied with real gaming and great payouts. Being one of the top-most popular table games in the online gambling market, online roulette is an easy to play game for amazing payouts. The payouts in this game are usually determined by the odds on the fields betted. There is a wide selection of bets that have thrilling spins which can make a player reach a house edge. As earlier mentioned in this review, bets in this game are usually in single numbers, in fields that include odd, even, red, and black and so on. The bets can also be represented in set of numbers.

Online Roulette FAQ

What currencies can I use for roulette in South Africa?

There are different currencies that players can use to place bets in South Africa besides the South African rand. They include the USD, GBP and the EURO.

Is it illegal to play Online Roulette in South Africa?

According to the 2010 court rule, roulette, poker and slots in legal in South Africa but players can access the roulette and pother games on offshore sites.

How popular is Online Roulette in South Africa?

Online roulette is quite popular in South Africa as players have several options as to where they can play as far as the variations are concerned.

Final verdict

There is great fun and payouts South Africans have found in the online roulette on offshore sites since the game was prohibited in the country. Online roulette is a game that is spreading its wings in the country to many online players.